New Hope for A New Year


Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I don’t know what it is about a new year that brings new hope, but I felt its power again today, day one of a new year.

Sometimes hope is found in places some eyes would see as forlorn.

This morning for example, I dashed out between rain showers to take a walk while the sky was blue and sunny. I came across a home that had hundreds of pots in between the sidewalk and the street. I snapped photos thinking I might blog about the way it inspired hope. Looking at the photos later at home they seemed not very “pretty.”  But to me they whispered hope.


Writing a garden series as I have, whenever I see my urban neighbors attempting to grow things, even if it means hundreds of gathered pots, to me it says they’re trying; whether it’s vegetables or flowers, the intent is there. Obviously, in terms of gardening, spring is the season of hope, but even in the dreary dead of winter the many pots gave me a smile. So much hope.

Other sightings of new years hope: the Pasadena Rose Parade this morning had the theme, The Power of Hope. And just a few nights ago I watched the most recent Star Wars movie, which made me think of the original (I saw the first movie in the same theatre I saw the last movie!) Back in 1977 when I first saw Star Wars, that’s the only name we knew it by. Later, as the movies piled up, it began more and more to be referred to as “A New Hope.”


And so here we are, 2020. A new decade. A new year. A new hope. I had intended to write down lot of fine plans and resolutions today, but the day is nearly done. Mostly I managed to do a lot of laundry. But you know what? I’m still feeling inspired. Here’s to a new year. Blessings. 🙂

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2 comments on “New Hope for A New Year

  1. Good luck in 2020. I suppose our New Hope here is somewhat tempered by our election result in December. ‘Making the best of a bad world’ is possibly the best I can ask for… is there a suitable Star Wars title for that?

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