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Dedicated to Master Gardeners & to All Who Aspire To Prune With Confidence

Four years ago to the day I wrote this post…Yesterday as I was leaving after a visit with my parents, my mom handed me a newspaper article on how to prune blueberries. She knows I struggle…Today is still cold and foggy. The blueberries and hydrangea await. Probably not today.

The past few days have presented us with marvelous weather in these parts. I’ve finally gotten outdoors and pruned my three blueberry bushes, the pear tree, the hydrangea, and trained the boysenberry bushes.

The blueberries are of different varieties and seem a bit different in the way I should be pruning them. And even though I got my Master Gardener certification and grew up on a farm, I still struggle with this. Sigh.

pruning Blueberry Bushes

Sometimes I google and watch videos on pruning. Sometimes I get out my notes and instructions from Master Gardener class. My sister gave me a few tips this year, and I looked at different web pages than I usually do. You know, the promised “6 easy steps” ones.

boysenberry Training the Boysenberry Bush

One thing I know for sure: It was vastly easier writing the scene in Heirloom about blueberry pruning than it has been for me…

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