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Clare & Dante Plant Onions from Seed

Once again I have started onions from seed after skipping last year. Nothing up yet, so I thought I’d rerun this post from a few years ago.

A few weeks ago I posted about pruning my blueberry bushes, something I had my characters do in Heirloom. Recently I planted onion seeds to grow my own starts, also something my characters do.

I planted some that I know do well in my area, and some I just happened to have the seed for: Red Burgandy, Spanish Sweet, Cipollini, Walla Walla, and one I just call “Pete’s storage onion,” because I got it from Pete and he only labelled it as a storage onion. 🙂

Pete’s onion was the first up.  

planting onionsAnd the sprouting begins!

IMG_0936Here is the excerpt from Heirloom, chapters 11 and 14, where the children learn about onions:

Chapter 11

Clare and Dante

“Each pair will get a thirteen centimeter pot, fill it with soil, wet the soil, and plant approximately fifty seeds.”

Dante and Clare beamed. Planting seeds already, and it was…

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