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Hope in the Seed


For whatever reason, lately my husband has had a bee in his bonnet when it comes to pollinators.

He’s collected mounds of seeds to plant flowers to attract pollinators and has been approaching neighbors about planting on their property. He announced in church he had a handout for bee friendly plants (before church was cancelled on account of the virus). And every day (even though it’s barely warm enough yet), he’s been bugging me about when can he plant seeds.

“What I don’t understand,” I said to him recently, “is where in the alley you plan to plant the seeds. I think the ground would need some work done.”

“Oh, I just want to go and scatter them about,” he answered.

“Just toss them?”


Having planted many a seed in the best of circumstances that have NOT come up, I shook my head. “You have an awful lot of hope in those little seeds,” I answered, feeling immediately the irony of me–author of Seed Savers–doubting my own motto.

Today we walked out in the alley and scoped out the possibilities. On the other side is the vacant lot where the daffodil bulbs I tossed there last year are in full bloom.

Yes, there is hope in the seeds. And hope in spring. Despite these trying times, we celebrate the new life of the budding blueberry bushes and flowering cherry trees.

Scatter your seeds. Happy spring! Happy Plant A Seed Day!


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