Garden on Wheels



Not the one I took out there, but similar. (I forgot to take photos!)

I’m sure you’ve heard of Meals on Wheels and all the good work they are doing (and always do, but particularly needful at this time). Yesterday I did something for my parents I’m calling “Garden on Wheels.”

This is how it all began. Here in western Oregon we have been basking in a week of great weather. Sunshine, highs in the 60s, blue sky. So those of us with a little land (we live on a lot and a half in town) have been planting whatever can be planted this time of year: onions, potatoes, lettuce, carrots…things like that.

But our soil here is wet and clay-like, so really only raised beds and containers can be planted since the soil is too wet to work. Alas, my parents’ garden falls into that category. My mom was bemoaning that everyone was talking about planting their gardens and there was no way she could get started.

Enter my idea of the portable garden. It just so happened that I had one of my larger containers that was empty. I also had an unopened bag of garden soil and potting soil. We had already planned that I would visit them during the heat of the day (63 degrees) so that we could sit outside, a proper social distance away. (Tracy, call your parents.)

So I showed up with the container, placed it in a warm, sunny spot, added the soil, and planted it full of Walla Walla onion starts, radishes, and lettuce seeds and gave it a good watering. Voila, garden on wheels.

“This will give you something to do,” I told Mom. “Until your ground is dry enough to work.” (It’s supposed to start raining again and rain for a week or more.)

We sat and talked for a while, I cut some of last year’s chard from the big garden to take home to my 4 urban chickens, and we gave each other air hugs goodbye.

I’ve got two more days of warm weather, so off I go to plant a few more seeds.

Take care wherever you are.



Example of last year’s lettuce in container.

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  1. Tracy called her parents.

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