Which American Girl Doll Are You?


“You’d be a terrible American Girl doll!” my daughter said with disapproval. I’ll admit, no one had ever hurled this insult at me before.

My daughter is 27 and lives in Indiana though a good portion of her heart is still here in Oregon. We talk nearly every day on Facetime, yes even before the virus. On this particular day she asked if I would like her to send me instructions on how to sew facemasks. Her boyfriend is an emergency room nurse.

“Uh, no,” I answered. I have way too many things to do.” That’s when she hit me with the American Girl doll thing. For those of you unfamiliar, when my daughter was young, American Girl dolls were very popular. And they aren’t just dolls. They are dolls with history, of history, and they had lots of books that went along with each doll. We read them all. She even had a subscription to the magazine. But I digress.

I felt the accusation was unjust. As I tried to explain my way out of it, she kept telling me it was my American duty and reminding me of the many ways “the girls” helped during their particular place in history. By golly, before she’d finished with me, she’d even brought up George Bailey from It’s A Wonderful Life.

“Do you think George Bailey wasn’t out there volunteering during the war BESIDES running the Bailey Building and Loan??”

“But, but, I am doing something,” I said. “I took the Garden on Wheels out to grandmas! I gave vegetable starts to my neighbor. I’m sharing seeds.” I was talking fast now, gaining momentum. “I’m the gardening American Girl doll, not the sewing one!”

She was silent a moment. “Okay, there is that,” she admitted.


Which American Girl doll are you? 🙂

Take care. Be safe. Do your part. (Which is all just short for: try your best to stay home if you aren’t one of those who need to be out taking care of the rest of us. And many thanks if you are one of them!)

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2 comments on “Which American Girl Doll Are You?

  1. Love this post… during these times I have thought many times of various AG stories, especially Felicity and Elizabeth’s families with different viewpoints on loyalty to England. There’s a huge adult AG community on Instagram!

    • Jen, thanks for your comment! My daughter and I were just talking again the other day about the American Girl dolls and how much she loved all of the stories. She posted something recently to social media although I don’t know if it was Insta, Twitter, or FB. She attributes her love of history in part to AG dolls/stories. 🙂

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