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Cherry Pie & the Pandemic Blog Post


These are the tart “pie” cherries I stayed up late one night last summer pitting. It was too late in the evening when I picked them from my parents’ tree, and I sat up by myself past 10 pm pitting them one by one. It wasn’t fun.

Now, though, I’ll soon be enjoying a fresh-baked cherry pie here at home in the midst of this world-wide pandemic. Back then, who would have dreamt it? 


I love cherry pie. It’s my favorite pie. I’m not sure I realized how much I loved cherry pie until I was in college. Whenever Mom knew I was coming home for the weekend she always baked up a cherry pie just for me. Mom’s standard was berry pie (we were berry farmers), but she knew I had a sweet spot for cherry, so there it always was, waiting for me. Maybe that’s also when I realized how much my mom loved me.

Nah, I think I always knew that.


These days have made me reflective. I write in my journal nearly every day now. So much so, that I’m working on my current WIP less than I should. I bet you’ve become more reflective too.

Care to share your thoughts in the comments below?

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