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Seed Savers-Treasure Now has Book Club Questions!

_I don't get it. if stores have all the food we need...why would anyone need or want to make their own food__

As people have become more interested than ever before in gardening due to Covid19, I’m hearing from more book clubs that they are reading Seed Savers! So I’ve finally gotten in gear and written some book discussion questions. So far I have them for book one, Seed Savers-Treasure, with questions for the other books to come.

The questions are listed here and also under Resources at my publisher, Flying Books House. 

Enjoy, and let me know know how it goes. I always appreciate hearing from readers!

Seed Savers-Treasure Book Club Discussion Questions

(best for ages 8-12)


  1. At the beginning of the story, Lily questions Clare about why they should make their own food when the Trucks and Stores have what they need. When Clare responds that not everyone is as healthy as others, Lily says, “But that’s the way things are.” Have you ever used this rationale even when you thought something was wrong?
  2. What is Clare’s personality like? How about Dante? Do you see any change for either of them throughout the story?
  3. The children are able to plant two kinds of seeds discreetly on their own. Have you ever planted seeds? What were they? Discuss that experience.
  4. Do you think Clare and Dante make the right decision when they find their home broken into and their mother in jail? What could they have done differently?
  5. Clare and Dante live in a big city. The first time they are out in the country feels overwhelming to them. Where do you live? Have you ever been to a place so opposite from what you are used to that you find it overwhelming?
  6. Why does Gruff say he is allowed to grow vegetables out in the open? Do you find this a credible explanation?
  7. In the second part of the book, Clare and Dante make another big decision. This time it is Dante’s reasoning that they follow. Have you ever been surprised at the knowledge or wisdom of someone younger than yourself?
  8. During their journey Clare and Dante find strength to move forward through their religious faith. How do you find strength when you face something difficult or that frightens you?
  9. If gardening were forbidden, would you secretly grow or save seeds? Why?
  10. Why is this book called Treasure? What do you think the message is?
  11. Will you read book two, Seed Savers-Lily, next?

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