Happy Easter 2020!


I’ve always loved Easter. This year with the pandemic bending the cultural traditions of many of us, I thought it more important than ever to keep the traditions I had control over.

So I dug deep in my cupboard, not knowing whether I had an egg dye kit or not. I figured I have food coloring one way or the other. It turns out I had two coloring kits. Our kids are grown and have been out of the house for years so I hadn’t actually dyed eggs in quite a while. My husband and I sat down and colored eggs together, just the two of us.


I also baked a cherry pie, cleaned, and have a ham ready to go in the oven. Tomorrow I’ll do my best to cook many of the traditional foods we usually have on Easter, including the ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, home-made egg noodles, home-made buns, etc. I will miss my sister-in-law’s fried rice and my sister’s green fluffy stuff salad. I will also miss not having more than one kind of pie to choose from.

But most of all I’ll miss sharing the dinner and afternoon with a bunch of my relatives. I suppose later on we’ll drive out to see them, keeping our distance, of course.

We’ll still have church, but it will be on Zoom. The Easter breakfast at church I was supposed to help prepare won’t be happening. The wonderful Mennonite singing together doesn’t quite work out either.

But the weather is fine and we are all safe. We keep the traditions we have control over and have the hope inherent in the holiday for brighter days ahead.

May you have a blessed Easter.


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2 comments on “Happy Easter 2020!

  1. I just finished rolling out the noodle dough and I have a defrosted turkey in the fridge!

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