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Book Discussion Questions for Seed Savers-Lily!

_I don't get it. if stores have all the food we need...why would anyone need or want to make their own food__ copy

Recently I posted discussion questions for Seed Savers-Treasure.Today I am adding questions for the second book in the series, Seed Savers-Lily. The questions can be downloaded by the link at the bottom and are also available under Resources on the publisher website here.

I hope you enjoy reading Seed Savers-Lily, a story set in a future where gardening is illegal and real food unknown by a majority of the population. Topics and themes include gardening, friendship, trust & betrayal, difficult decisions. An introduction to Seed Savers-Lily is here and tips for using Lily in the classroom are here.

Following are the new discussion questions for Seed Savers-Lily.


Book Club Discussion Questions for Seed Savers-Lily

1.Seed Savers-Lily is written in a different POV than Seed Savers-Treasure. What is the point of view, and how does this affect you differently as a reader?

2. At the beginning of the story, Lily struggles with being left behind. Have you ever felt left behind when a friend moved away? How did you deal with it?

3. Lily hides her gardening activities from her mother. Why does she do this? Do you think she made the right decision in doing so?

4.What is your impression of Rose and how does it change throughout the book?

5. Learning about growing, cooking, and preserving food is an important theme in this story. Why is this important to the characters? Have you ever grown, cooked, or preserved fresh food?

6.One of the things Lily does to sort out her thoughts is write in a journal. Do you journal? What do you do to help you process things?

7.When Ana describes how to preserve through canning, Lily feels fearful. Ana responds, “Don’t be afraid, Lily. It isn’t so hard. It’s just a new thing to learn, like all new things.” What new thing have you considered doing that made you feel afraid?

8. What is your first impression of Arturo? What about Rose and Lily, how do their impressions of Arturo differ?

9.When Lily first sees Arturo’s yard/garden she is disappointed. Describe how her feelings about it change. Why do you think her impression of the yard changes?

10.Near the end of the book, Lily gets mad at Rose and refuses Rose’s plea for forgiveness. Do you think Lily made the right choice? What kind of repercussions might this have for the future?

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