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Earth Day Sale on All Seed Savers Books


Before I forget to mention it, don’t miss my biggest sale of the year, the Earth Day sale.

In 2014 I actually did an Earth Day tour in Texas. At that time only the first three books in the series were out. It was an amazing time and I enjoyed meeting many wonderful people. So I always think of the the Seed Savers books and Earth Day fondly together.

In fact, in the fourth Seed Savers book, Earth Day is the catalyst for the “food revolution” beginning in book 4 and ending with the series finale in book 5 on Independence Day.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Seed Savers-Keeper:

Chapter 13–Earth Day Demonstrations

Clare squatted and pulled the tiny weeds competing for space and nutrients among the newly sprouted peas.

“Hey there.”

She was pleased to hear Jason’s deep voice. She’d been thinking about him a lot and about how she’d miss him after graduation when they went their separate ways.

“Hi.” She stood and smiled up at him.

He glanced around furtively. “Have you heard about the demonstrations?”

“No,” she replied. “What demonstrations?”

“On account of Earth Day. Canadian news is full of the story. Four days ago was the one hundred and eighth Earth Day. There are protests all across the U.S. This could be it.”

A couple of classmates walked by. Jason smiled at them. “Hi, how are you?” When they had passed, he continued. “This is just what I’ve been waiting for. A revolution.”

“What are you talking about?” Clare asked.

Jason put his hand on Clare’s shoulder, steering her down as he knelt and joined in pulling the weeds. “Peaceful demonstrations. But people gathering nonetheless. They started as Earth Day marches, celebratory, marking the day. But they’ve turned into nonviolent protests against the government’s food and environmental policies. A lot of people are out in the streets. Some are carrying signs: Free the Seeds, Send GRIM Packing, Gardener in 2080. Stuff like that.”

Clare gasped.

Jason’s eyes shot to her face. “Whatsamatter, Clare? It’s what we want, isn’t it?”

Clare nodded, but said nothing.

“I can’t believe it’s happening before Monroe and I—” he stopped abruptly.

“What?” Clare asked.

“We have plans,” Jason said. “But apparently we’re not the only ones. All the better.”

Before Clare could speak, he hopped up. “I gotta go. So much to do.” He sprinted off toward the classrooms.

Now through Earth Day (April 22) all five of the Seed Savers ebooks are discounted to just $3.99 each, a savings of ten dollars! The sale won’t last long and they are rarely all discounted at the same time, so grab the whole series now!

Seed Savers is a great series for this time of year when everyone is thinking about gardening. To read more about the series click here.

Happy reading and gardening!

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