Dream Cast Picks for Seed Savers

Sometimes people ask when my books are going to be made into movies. I think this is something most authors like to hear, but we can only smile wistfully. If only…

I was thinking the other morning about my dream cast. You know, during this never-ending pandemic, we sometimes have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. The old Groundhog Day effect. Same same. It’s in these moments we might do the wishful thinking of character casting for our novels. 🙂

So here goes:

For the part of Ana, the older woman mentor in Seed Savers: Meryl Streep or Oprah

For Gruff (Seed Savers-Treasure): Morgan Freeman or Bill Cobbs

For James Gardener: Matt Damon and I forget who else…

For Junko Gardener: There are really so many great female Asian actresses I haven’t ever been able to decide.

For Trinia Nelson: Reese Witherspoon

And for the kids–the real stars of the series–I won’t ever have any in mind because kid actors are always coming on the scene.

As far as direction, production, etc., of course I’ve always liked Spielberg because of the Goonies, E.T., etc. and my little group on kids on their bikes makes me think of him.

When we’re talking dream cast and dream production I think my choices are a little too obvious and wild because I don’t know that much about the industry. I think Disney could also do a good job with it. Seed Savers is great family entertainment. 🙂

Anyone else have ideas on casting for Seed Savers? Or if you are an author, have you thought of your dream cast? 🙂 Share in the comments.

Have a great week!

Sandra Smith is the author of the awesome and award-winning middle grade/YA series, Seed Savers. Visit her Facebook and Pinterest pages. Follow her on TwitterSign up for the newsletter!

2 comments on “Dream Cast Picks for Seed Savers

  1. The other thing I found about thinking of who might play my characters, is that it really helps the voice actor when doing audio books to get a handle on how you think they sound.
    But it’s now ten years on from when I first ‘cast’ the princelings, and kids would really not associate Ewan MacGregor with a young princeling these days!!

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