Why Read a Fiction Series on Gardening?

As I mentioned a few posts back, I recently found a guest post I’d written at the request of someone who then never followed up. If they posted it out there without my knowledge, then mea culpa. I can’t remember who it was and don’t feel like sifting through old emails. 🙂

Why Read a Fiction Series on Gardening?

Let’s face it, there are a lot of good gardening books out in the world for both adults and children. Why would anybody want to read a​ fiction​ series?

There are several reasons. First, fiction is very capable of teaching things. Both truth and facts can be contained in a piece of fiction. Think historical fiction if you have any doubt.

Additionally, fiction has the capability of asking a lot of “what if” questions, much like scientific hypothesis, but about more than just science. Fiction can easily pose questions about social justice, responsibility, politics, and the like.

Fiction can prick at your emotions, making you happy or sad or angry. Unlike nonfiction, fiction will probably leave more questions unanswered than answered.

My series, the Seed Savers series, is a fiction series set in a future where gardening is illegal and real food unknown or unattainable by a majority of the population. The story unfolds with three children (ages 7-12) who have been given a seed from an older woman in their community. They don’t yet know what a seed is or its relationship to food, but they are determined to find out. The first book contains quite a lot of gardening instruction as the children begin to learn this forgotten skill.

The Seed Savers books are listed as ages 10 and up, but it really depends on a child’s reading ability. Some as young as 7 have read at least the first couple of books. The last two books are a little “older” in feel, and focus more on political themes.

Children who enjoy the outdoors and especially gardening are sure to identify with the main characters, Clare, Dante, and Lily.

Seed Savers-Treasure, the first in the series, has been used in schools with sustainability and gardening units, in after-school and/or community gardening programs, read in book clubs, and families–especially on farms or who garden–have enjoyed reading Seed Savers together.

So why read a fiction story about gardening? Why not! If you love thoughtful fiction and have often thought it would be nice to find a novel dedicated to food and gardening, look no further–Seed Savers is for you! (Or possibly a great gift for someone you know.)

Sandra Smith is the author of the awesome and award-winning middle grade/YA series, Seed Savers. Visit her Facebook and Pinterest pages. Follow her on TwitterSign up for the newsletter!

4 comments on “Why Read a Fiction Series on Gardening?

  1. I didnt see anything by you somewhere else… but it was a good post!

  2. I’ll definitely visit this blog again, thank you 🙂

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