March 2021 Garden Update

As March is easing out and April is peeking in the back door, I thought it was time for a garden update.

The garden here has been, well, slow. It was 28 degrees outside when I got up this morning, so, yeah, you can see why even the radishes took their time braving the above-ground.

I’ll start with the onions. In this post I was trying a new method of seeding the onions in containers and then letting them emerge in their own time outside. What happened was by the time I felt like checking on them (we’d had an ice storm, rain, etc., and I just couldn’t bring myself to going out there), they had come up and then appeared to have died off.

I checked the instructions and found where it said “once they sprout, you need to start monitoring the moistness.” Arrgghh. I felt sure they were goners. I brought them back into the sunroom, plus planted two more containers. Well, haha, most of them actually hadn’t died. But I’m still not sure if I will get them past this skinny seedling state. If they make it, I’m going to have to be really creative in finding a place to plant them all, or if all else fails…Mom’s garden.

Next, I did some planting in the sunroom: cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce. They have come up and I’ve put some of the broccoli outside.

Outside, I planted peas in the ground, and in my round containers I have planted carrots, radishes, spinach and mesclun. So far, the radishes are up, but as mentioned previously, they took their sweet time. The earliest peas I planted are also up, but growing very slowly. Yes, I know, it’s cold at night.

I planted my tomatoes and peppers only a few days ago and many of the tomatoes are already up! But they have a cozy place inside right behind our wood stove and also have a heating pad under them. I really showed restraint this year and only planted about a dozen seeds (half for mom).

The real show that’s been going on has been the daffodils! Most of them are waning now, but it’s just been so pretty. The mint–unwelcome where it is–has also been refreshing in many glasses of mojitos. Oh, my son has also been helping me try to take control of some unchecked bamboo.

How is your garden (or garden plans) doing?

The chickens wanted to say hello. Not really. They just wanted me to throw them some food. 🙂

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2 comments on “March 2021 Garden Update

  1. Good luck with those onions. I never had much success with them – garlic grew well in Norfolk. I’m still working out what will grow in my new beds, which are a mixture of composts on a fairly gravelly soil underneath. But last summer’s kale and celeriac made it through the winter, so I’ve just sowed this years varieties in seed trays.
    I made myself wait for sowing this year as I lost a lot of things to late frosts (after hot days) last year, and the later sowings caught up and were stronger plants than the ones that struggled. I might do some annuals at the weekend, though.

    • Well, thanks. That makes me think I’ll need it. 🙂 They just never seem to progress… I like your take on waiting to plant, that the later sowings catch up and are stronger. Hmm.

      Next week is supposed to finally warm up, so I’m looking forward to that. The flowers have been nice as well. Can hardly wait for the lilac. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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