Summer Ramblings

So much to catch up on since my last post!

Last time I wrote I was still feeling the effects of having had Covid. Then I had to finish out the school year. After that I took on two weeks of summer school. All the while, of course, working on the yard and garden, etc.

Well, and wouldn’t you know it. After a year that brought us a pandemic, statewide wildfires that blotted out the sky for days, an ice storm that left us five days without electricity, in June we had an unprecedented heatwave. Even in July or August it would have been unprecedented. Let’s just be clear. I live in a place where 90 degrees is considered hot.

We had three days in a row like this: 105, 113, 117 degrees Fahrenheit. It was unbelievable.

So where is this post going exactly? Check out the title again. πŸ™‚ Rambling.

Let’s go back to the extreme heat. For 12 years we’ve had a modest 12 foot round swimming pool in the back yard. This year the leak seemed worse so we went about to patch it at the end of May. It did not survive our attempts. Hottest summer ever and we have no pool. I know, poor me. But here’s what I’m getting to: while searching for a replacement liner (did you know there’s a worldwide pool liner shortage…no surprise, right?) I discovered portable, inflatable hot tubs!

I used part of my summer school earnings to get one. Obviously we didn’t heat it up during the extreme heat. It arrived the night before the three day scorch. Yay!

Also, on the first day of the heatwave I actually canned cherries. A limb had broken out at the family farm so I dropped any other plans and went and picked for an hour. Good thing we have a tiny window AC in the kitchen. πŸ™‚

I’ve had exactly four days free now since summer school ended and I am working on “catching up.” Adding the hot tub to the backyard has displaced all of my usual potted plants so I’ve been working on digging out all the mint that had overtaken some garden space, as well as the raspberries which had become diseased in order to make room.

I’ve also been trying to get more and more drip irrigation set up. We are on day 24 without rain so we need to keep things alive in the best water conservation way possible.

I also need to get back on social media (groan), take classes to renew my teaching license (sigh), do a video interview for a job application, the list goes on.

That being said, I love summer! And we officially got to stop wearing masks a little over a week ago so that’s been really great.

Oh! I almost forgot. Another new venture I’m taking on is Kindle Vella. I have a new book that will be released by episodes on Kindle Vella which will start next week. I’ll keep you updated on that as I find out more. It’s a new platform so there’s more to discover.

How are all of you? Comments always welcome. πŸ™‚

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4 comments on “Summer Ramblings

  1. Great to hear from you! I was just zooming with Rebecca Douglas and we talked about the trouble with keeping her veggies going in the heat, too. I thought of you when we heard how awful the temperatures had got – so glad you had the means of keeping coolish!
    Here we had a couple of very hot days for us (high 80s/30), and the rest has been barely up to 68/20). And rain! I don’t know what the Atlantic circulation is doing, but it’s well out of whack – hence your Pacific nightmare, I think.
    And yet you’ve been far more productive than me! I have a garden getting out of hand!

    • Well I don’t know if I’ve been productive or not.

      Your weather sounds nice. I wish it would rain more often in the summer here, but July and August have always been our counted on dry months.

      After I posted, I realized I should have included photos of all the burned plants. It was just so hard to think/write after so much time away!

  2. We are eating tomatoes from Marty’s garden, a bear tipped over and bit into ( ! ) my 3 tadpole tubs (my family reassures me that all tadpoles go to heaven) and we are loving watching our 5 year old kind and inquisitive grandson who starts kindergarten next month and our adorable 6 1/2 month old granddaughter.

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