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My New Story!

Kindle Vella went live yesterday and with it my new story, Until the Last Star Goes Out. I was away camping!

Since Kindle Vella is brand new, here’s the lowdown: this is a new platform meant especially for people who like to read short bits on their phones and mobile devices. The stories are in episodes and episodes are purchased with tokens.

All of the stories on Kindle Vella can be started for free. They are also giving away free tokens! I think it is 200. You will find that up in the right-hand corner next to the little yellow key symbol. The tokens unlock each episode.

To find stories you might be interested in, you can browse through the Vella store, or put in tags to search. When you follow a story it will appear on your store page under Your Stories. You will be notified when the author publishes a new episode.

At the end of each episode you can give a thumbs up if you enjoyed the read (or if you are trying to support your favorite author :)).

Once a week, if you purchase tokens (or claim your free ones?) you will be given a “fave” to award to a favorite story and that helps the story get noticed.

Ready to get started? Please check out my story and hopefully give it a thumbs up, fave, or tell someone else about it. Thanks!

Find my story here.

In a dying world, three siblings search for a legendary rock believed to hold life-saving powers.

Sandra Smith is the author of the awesome and award-winning middle grade/YA series, Seed Savers. Visit her Facebook and Pinterest pages. Follow her on TwitterSign up for the newsletter!

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