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Excerpt from Seed Savers-Unbroken

Tomorrow is the release of the fifth and final book in the Seed Savers series. While it’s a relief to be finished with the series, I know there is still a lot of work ahead as an author who is not with a large press. Our books don’t tend to get the “air time” of those with the larger publishers. Small presses don’t have the $$$. And so we, the authors, have our work cut out for us in pounding the pavement, knocking on the doors, so to speak.

I do love the Seed Savers series and the characters and the way the books have grown and changed over time from book one to book five. I’m torn as to whether to have a farewell party or welcome party. 🙂


But I digress. Today I wanted to post an excerpt from Seed Savers-Unbroken. Which ended up to be more difficult than it at first seemed, being book 5 and all. I settled on this passage from chapter 19, the thoughts of Jason, a significant secondary character who first joined the series in book 3. Jason has become involved with Radicle (spelling correct) a group of mostly hacktivists trying to gain back freedoms lost to an overreaching government. He and his mentor, Monroe Cassidy, have been tasked with finding secret government documents showing corruption and releasing them to the public on July 4th.

Excerpt from Seed Savers-Unbroken, releasing tomorrow:

Cassidy had fallen asleep while working. Though it wasn’t cold, Jason tossed a light blanket over the older man and climbed into his own sleeping space at the rear of the trailer. But he couldn’t fall asleep. He couldn’t stop thinking about the story. Which story would be big enough to lift the restrictions strangling a country once celebrated for liberty and justice? Jason and Cassidy had argued about whether or not to break open the Net and let everyone talk to each other like in the old days. Days in which neither of them had actually lived but had heard about. The history books painted those days as lawless and dangerous. But the older folks, some of them anyway, would tell you in hushed tones that it hadn’t been so bad. And even though Cassidy agreed, he didn’t think the timing was right for a “free-for-all,”  as he called it. “The public ain’t that smart,” he said. “They need to be brought along. It’s how things got the way they are, and it’s the way we need to tread on the way back. Sounds like Radicle’s doin’ that in a limited way anyhow. Jason, just do what Amos says. Find a story for July Fourth. You wanna focus on food, go for it. Me, I’ma look for other scandals. Remember what Boy Wonder said: it’s gotta be personal.”

Personal. Food. What had Amos said—an intentional lowering of life expectancy? A slow poisoning? Were these extreme examples or were they actual possibilities? Jason thought back to what he knew about the change in the food system around the beginning of the century. Was there a correlation between the change from real food to the five food groups and shorter lifespans? And if the one percent ate mostly real food, were they healthier? Did they have longer lifespans? Could he find information on this? He hadn’t yet run into studies on the modern food groups, but they had to be there.


“Yes, Jason?”

“Take notes.” Jason dictated his thoughts about the food groups to his AI. “Oh, one more: intentional.”

Thanks for reading! If you haven’t read any of the Seed Savers series yet, books 1 & 2 are currently on sale for 99 cents (ebook) to help get you started!

Sandra Smith is the author of the awesome and award-winning middle grade/YA series, Seed Savers. Visit her Facebook and Pinterest pages. Follow her on TwitterSign up for the newsletter!


Every School & Library Should Own the Seed Savers Series

The what? If you aren’t a regular follower of this blog, chances are you haven’t heard of the Seed Savers series by Sandra Smith (Flying Books House). The series straddles the line between middle grade and young adult. The first book is younger and as the series continues–as one reviewer stated of the fourth book–Keeper, “this book seems to move out of Middle Grade territory into full-blown dystopia.”

Author S. Smith (1)

“She was having a hard time understanding what she read. How did seasons relate to food? What did ‘ripen’ mean? What did it mean to ‘grow’ food?”

Like much of Paolo Bacigalupi’s work, Seed Savers is a book series about a future we’re creating today. In Seed Savers, corporations and government have merged and taken control of the food supply. Real food as we know it today is completely gone from store shelves and gardening and seed saving against the law.

The future will thank you.

The series stars children because children are the future.

The first book in the series is TreasureTreasure has been lexiled at 660. The ISBN is 978-1943345052 it’s available through Ingram in paperback. It’s also available as an ebook and audiobook. Seed Savers-Treasure is a Benjamin Franklin and Mom’s Choice award winner.

“Smith’s Seed Savers books are great reads for young people on many levels. The action is packed with secret acts of civil disobedience, escape from evil GRIM thugs and independent cross-country treks. Plus, teens will both recognize and learn about issues surrounding food sources.  Seed Saver books have something for everyone: diverse characters, themes of empowerment, revolution, and even a little romance.”

“I can’t wait for the movie!”

Check out the Seed Savers series today. Available in paperback and ebook. Seed Savers-Treasure also available in audiobook.


Sandra Smith is the author of the awesome and award-winning middle grade/YA series, Seed Savers. Visit her Facebook and Pinterest pages. Follow her on TwitterSign up for the newsletter!


Still Celebrating: Giveaway #2



Because the final book in my five-book Seed Savers series is releasing NEXT WEEK, after lo these many years, I’m super excited!!! In the giveaway I started last week, I gave away a signed copy of the winner’s choice of one of the first four Seed Savers books. (The winner was Eleanor, by the way.)

This week, I’m drawing 3 random winners! The prize: a code to download FREE the audiobook of Seed Savers-Treasure, redeemable at audible.com. To enter, leave your comment below.

Read more about the incredible narrator, Julia Farmer, here.

To hear a sample, go here.

Good luck! And don’t forget to preorder Seed Savers-Unbroken! Does the underground group Seed Savers prevail in the end? Find out soon in book 5, the final book of the series.

Barnes & Noble


Amazon Kindle

Amazon Print


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Seed Savers – Unbroken — Anakalian Whims

Reblogging this review of Seed Savers-Unbroken:

Title: Unbroken Author: Sandra Smith https://authorssmith.com Genre: Teen/ Young Adult Length: 339 pages “Had Smith been right? Was the U.S. headed for disaster?” This line in Sandra Smith’s latest installment of the Seed Savers series made me laugh out loud. In Unbroken, Caleb Smith is a whistleblower who sent the government a 23-page letter regarding […]

via Seed Savers – Unbroken — Anakalian Whims

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Last Day To Enter Giveaway

Just a reminder that today is the last day to enter to win your choice of a signed paperback of one of the first four Seed Savers books. I’ll be doing the random drawing tomorrow and posting the winner and maybe starting a new giveaway for the final countdown to the release of Seed Savers-Unbroken!

Please see the previous post for all the ways to enter to win.

Seed Savers is set in a future where gardening is illegal and real food unknown. Three young friends must decide what to do when they discover the truth about the “old ways” of food. Out to stop them is GRIM, the government agency controlling the nation’s food.

Sandra Smith is the author of the awesome and award-winning middle grade series, Seed SaversVisit her Facebook and Pinterest pages. Follow her on TwitterSign up for the newsletter





Celebration and Fan Giveaway!


In fifteen days the final book of the Seed Savers series will finally be out!!!

For those of you who have been fans of the series since the first book was self-published back in 2012 this has been a long wait. If you found the series last year when Flying Books House began republishing them . . .  not so long. 🙂

But either way, this is cause for celebration! In the days leading up to the release of Seed Savers-Unbroken I’m hoping to do two different giveaways. I know some of you have only the older editions of Seed Savers. Others of you have just digital versions but really want print copies. Some of you may just be hearing about Seed Savers.

So for this giveaway I’m giving away one signed paperback copy of your choice from the first four books (U.S.A. only).

Since the giveaway is to celebrate the series being complete and for fan appreciation, I have tried to think of as many ways to enter as possible, doing what fans do, sharing about books they love.

Ways to enter:

  1. comment on this blog
  2. visit my Facebook Author Page and comment there
  3. follow me on Twitter and dm me there letting me know its for the giveaway
  4. if you don’t already receive my newsletter, sign up here
  5. follow me on Instagram
  6. pin my books on Pinterest
  7. leave reviews for any of the Seed Savers books you’ve read (like on Amazon, Goodreads, B & N, or any local newsletter like libraries, Master Gardeners, etc.)
  8. put in a request at your library for Seed Savers books

I will be able to see if you comment or follow (although I will need your email address for contact if you win, so either put it in the comments or email me at authorssmith[at]gmail.com). If you do some other creative thing like pin on Pinterest, leave reviews, blog, make library requests, please send me an email with a link or screenshot. 

If you have other ideas, let me know. The giveaway starts now and lasts until June 19, potentially longer.

Thank you and good luck!!!


Leave comments and questions below.

Sandra Smith is the author of the awesome and award-winning middle grade series, Seed SaversVisit her Facebook and Pinterest pages. Follow her on TwitterSign up for the newsletter

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What’s in Your Pantry? Politics of Food Called into Question in New Novel


What’s in Your Pantry? Politics of Food Called into Question in New Novel

SALEM, Ore., June 4, 2019 — The final book in author Sandra Smith’s Seed Savers series, Seed Savers-Unbroken, out later this month, immerses readers in a future where the government dictates the nation’s food supply. Seed Savers-Unbroken is the fifth and final book in the middle grade/YA series that asks readers to imagine a future where growing food is a crime and where real food is eaten only by the elite.

Similar to other environmental fiction, Smith’s series paints a possible future born from decisions made today. The Seed Savers series explores what could happen if intellectual property rights concerning patenting of seeds remain unchecked. The story also brings into question the inherent dangers of relying on large monoculture crops.


The author notes that Unbroken, like the previous books in the series, is not a bleak and hopeless dystopian. Smith frequently describes the Seed Savers books as “Little House on the Prairie meets Fahrenheit 451.” In an earlier interview, Smith stated that the first Seed Savers book was “a love story starring homegrown food.”

About the final book Smith said, “It took me a long time to figure out how to wrap this series up, tie together the multiple storylines, and hopefully have the Seed Savers come out on top. Even as I stalled in finishing the series, more and more of what I had written as fiction was becoming reality.”

Smith is a former middle school teacher, a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, an OSU Master Gardener graduate, and a seed saver with her local seed/food bank. She grew up on a small family farm and still grows and saves many of the vegetables and fruits her family will eat for the year.

Seed Savers-Unbroken, ISBN 9781943345144, Flying Books House, releases June 26, 2019, and is available in print and digitally. For more information visit SeedSaversSeries.com or FlyingBooksHouse.com. Other books in the Seed Savers series include SeedSavers-Treasure, Seed Savers-Lily, Seed Savers-Heirloom,andSeed Savers-Keeper.

For More Information Contact:

Flying Books House



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To schedule an interview with Sandra Smith, author of Seed Savers, email her at sandrasmithauthor[at]gmail.com or visit her website, SeedSaversSeries.com.

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