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School Visits

I love visiting classrooms!

Teachers, parents, and kids agree that author visits enhance the educational experience. When children meet authors they are inspired to read and write more.

“It was a pleasure to have Sandra Smith visit our classroom this year.  My sixth grade students were given insider information on what it is like to write a book.  She shared the process she used while focusing on revising and editing.  My students learned that the process takes time and effort and that the first write is not what gets published … Ms. Smith’s presentation allowed my students to see the writer in themselves.  I am certain that many of my students are writing their own novels this summer.  They have been inspired by Sandra Smith’s visit to our classroom.”  –6th grade language arts teacher



I will tailor my presentation to the needs of your students. The focus can be on the writing process, gardening, or all about Seed Savers if your class has read one of the Seed Savers books or the series.

Please see the Author Visits flyer for more about my presentations, including my current rates.

“Dear Sandra Smith, I loved your visit to our school. Guess what? The day after your visit my class had an auction and I used all my points to buy your book!” –an excited 6th grader


More about me

I am a licensed teacher and have taught all ages ranging from kindergarten to adults. My specialty area is English as a Second Language. I grew up on a farm and attended a small country school. My teaching experiences have been in large public schools, small private schools, and overseas, so I am at home in all situations. I LOVE VISITING CLASSROOMS !!!



Ideas for Funding

If your school library budget is bare, don’t worry. There are many ways schools can find money to fund author visits!

If you, busy teacher that you are, don’t have time to apply for grants or organize events, find an enthusiastic parent to help. 🙂 And remember: the more the kids are involved, the better the event will be.

Please email me at sandrasmithauthor [at] gmail.com with questions or to book a visit. You may also use the contact page on this website. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

“Thank you for inspiring me to read so I’ll be a better writer.” — 6th grader


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