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Expect the Unexpected

This weekend my hubby and I took the train up to spend time with family for Easter. After the weekend I’m taking a few days off to get back to my writing. Which means I shouldn’t be thinking about social media now, just writing the book. But I had the most extraordinary experience on the […]

Mutual Inspiration; Why I love School Visits

  I had the wonderful opportunity last week to be a visiting author at two local middle schools, speaking to a total of six 6th grade classes, or about 200 students. It was awesome!!! As some of you might remember, I spent the better part of the past ten years teaching middle school kids, so […]

That Thing You Do

Many years ago, not long out of college and still a bit wet behind the ears, I headed off to China. Like any young person worth her salt, I was off to the ends of the earth for better or for worse. The year was 1985, and it was the beginning of my teaching career. […]