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12 Suggestions for First Gardens

Are you new to gardening? Here are my suggestions if you are planting a garden for the first time. Always use planting recommendations for your local area. Instant Gratification: Radishes. Radishes can germinate in as little as 3 or 4 days! A sense of accomplishment: Tomatoes. Tomatoes are so easy to start from seed and…

Garden on Wheels

  I’m sure you’ve heard of Meals on Wheels and all the good work they are doing (and always do, but particularly needful at this time). Yesterday I did something for my parents I’m calling “Garden on Wheels.” This is how it all began. Here in western Oregon we have been basking in a week […]

Fine Weather

With weather that is finally warm and dry, I’ve gotten much of my garden in during the last few days.  I put in the tomato plants I grew from seeds, more onions (these I started from seeds), put out the cabbage I started earlier, and planted seeds for two rows of corn.  I hope to […]