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In Honor of Gardens

For the weekend, I’m posting a couple of poems in honor of gardens and gardeners. Overheard “Oregano will take over; keep it in a pot,” whispered the insidious Mint. “Sage advice,” agreed Rosemary, “though you’re one to talk.” Basil threw in his two cents, “Parsley is very popular, and not in a hurry to seed […]

Sorry, No Gardens Allowed

What if you thought strawberry was just the flavor of your favorite candy?  What if that’s all it was? If you plug Senate Bill S510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, into any search engine, you get a whole lot of people up in arms about the government not allowing people to home garden or save […]

How It All Started

How It All Started

  Some people have asked what inspired me to write Seed Savers; how it all came about.  I actually wrote the first draft of Seed Savers in about four months in 2010.  A couple of things inspired me.  First, I watched the movie, Food, Inc.  In the movie, there was a story about Moe Parr,  a […]