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To All the Bloggers I Never Met Before (And Some I Have)

Two days ago, the last day of the year, I received a wonderful surprise: a two-page (nearly) handwritten letter. I say nearly, because it was typed, but it was not a form letter. It was from an old friend . . . sort of. The letter, full of news of my friend’s life, was from someone […]

Charlie Brown’s 9 Tips for the New Year

1. Keep the ball low. 2. Don’t leave your crayons in the sun. 3. Use dental floss every day. 4. Don’t spill the shoe polish. 5. Always knock before entering. 6. Don’t let the ants get in the sugar. 7. Never volunteer to be a program chairman. 8. Always get your first serve in. 9. […]

Inadequacy and Gratefulness As We Head Into the New Year

  Sometimes reading other writers’ blogs makes me feel inadequate. I see how much they get done; that they follow 50+ blogs, actively leaving messages, befriending folks, etc., while at the same time posting several times a week themselves, all the while working on a novel (or three), and perhaps working full-time and/or raising a […]